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Junk Removal Pricing

Full Service Junk Removal Pricing :

No one can beat our junk removal pricing. What you pay is determined by the volume your junk takes up in our dump trailers or dump trucks. Each one measures 16′ x 8′ x 5′ or 23.70 cubic yards. That’s the equivalent of 8 full-size pick-up truck beds! That’s 2 times bigger than the competition.


Our prices are all inclusive. Labor, disposal and recycling are all included.

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Our Pricing

Our trailer is more than
2 times bigger.

23.70 cubic yards

Junk BoysSalina-Strong
10.67 cubic yardstrailer
Minimum Charge$50$59$50
25% Full Trailer Load$150$150$150
50% Full Trailer Load$200$279$200
75% Full Trailer Load$300$325$300
100% Full Trailer Load$400$419$400

SalinaJunk’s trailer is more than 2 times bigger than the competition.

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